Plans & Projections

Business Plans can be written to assist management in running the business or as part of a loan application. We know that a good business plan, followed by management, will result in positive long term effects. Cornerstone business plans are based on experience in banking and private industry, and they are centered on the needs of your business. We will work with you to prepare the most comprehensive and objective plan possible. Committed to your success, we will work with you until you attain your goals.The financial projections that accompany our business plans are prepared in a simple manner so that they can be adapted to your system as long term management tools. Our plans are being used by business owners and recommended by bankers throughout Connecticut.We believe that referrals are the best measure of performance and service. Therefore, we are proud to say that the following lenders have referred Cornerstone Business Advisors, LLC to their clients:

  • Connecticut Community Investment Corporation
  • Community Economic Development Fund
  • First Niagara Bank
  • People’s United Bank
  • Small Business Initiative/City of New Haven
  • Ion Bank
  • Webster Bank
  • TD Bank
  • Hartford Economic Development Corporation

In addition, we have worked in conjunction with SCORE and the Connecticut Small Business Development Center.

What Our Clients Say:

In 2004, Mr. Barillaro of Cornerstone Business Advisors, LLC was engaged to assist AGC Incorporated in the preparation of a Strategic Plan. Mr. Barillaro was successful through conversations and observations in gaining both an understanding of our business and the respect of our department heads. Consequently, he was successful working with the management team many of who were unfamiliar with strategic planning and were often distracted by daily management needs in developing a functional plan that reflected all aspects of the business.

Since 2004, AGC Incorporated has grown in size and profitability. Mr. Barillaro has assisted me with subsequent strategic plans.